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clarify your life direction?

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set better goals?

reach your goals faster?

grow spiritually?

have better relationships?

lead better cross culturally?

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I am an ICF-certified coach, and am in the business of helping make your dreams come true. I am a coach and consultant since 1992. My clients come from all over the world, including Dubai, China, Hong Kong, the U.S., Egypt, Japan, Lebanon, etc. I specialize in personal growth, relationships, leadership development, and spirituality. 

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Video: Expectations in relationships

Unmet expectations can cause tension in relationships, but it can also provide opportunity for growth. How do we avoid having unrealistic expectations and how do we communicate our expectations with others? Watch this video to find out more.

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Growth is like a journey, and you need to know your starting point. Who are you? What you are good at? Understanding and accepting who you are is an important step to personal growth, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually...

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