Coaching Services

Coaching is a process to empower a person or a team to fully live out the potential- in personal and professional life. The coaching relationship is expected to produce insights, greater personal awareness, changed behaviors, actions, and ultimately results that satisfy the client.

A one-on-one coaching appointment usually take 45-60 mins.

Below are some of the coaching services I provide. I can tailor-made a service to fit your need.

Leadership Coaching: it is a coaching service that focuses on leadership development of an individual and/or specific issues a person is facing in his/her leadership capacity. If necessary, professional assessment can be used to help assess the leadership style or communication style of a leader.

Life Coaching: it is a service that helps an individual to discover his/her purposes and goals in a particular stage of life, and to plan for practical steps to achieve them. Professional assessment can be done to help the client to further understand himself/herself.

Relationship Coaching: it is a service that focuses on relationships. It may be about marriage, parenting, dating, or even work relationship. The service does not require all parties to be present in the same room at the same time. Professional assessment can be administered if necessary.

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Workshops and Training


Team Building Workshop (6 hours)

Servant Leadership Training (3-4 hours)

Cross-cultural Communication Workshop (4 hours)

Productivity Workshop (3-4 hours)


Relationships/Marriage Workshop (2 hours per week, 6 weeks)

Success@School (3-6 hours)

Contact us for more details regarding the content and other information.


Tailor-made workshops and training can be made available. Spencer is also open to other speaking engagements. He can speak fluently in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Please contact us for more information.