The first time when I experienced coaching, it was the lowest point of my life. I faced many barriers at work and in life. I am grateful for Spencer's listening and guidance, I felt accepted and received. Through coaching, he asked me questions I have never asked, walked with me through my lowest point, stayed with me as I went through many life issues, and encouraged me to resolve issues with my internal resources. Half a year later, after the coaching experience, I can now continue my life journey with a healthy and active self. Without the coaching Spencer gave me, I could be stuck at that lowest point of life. Thank you Spencer for your help!

Ivan L

The coaching I got from Spencer 1. inspired me to think; 2. encouraged me and he was present with me to face and deal with problems; 3. made me feel trusted and respected.

As the coaching went beyond half of the way, I discovered that my confidence became apparent, my attitude started to change: from "I want to learn from Spencer, Spencer can help me solve the current issues" to "I can face and deal with the current issues, I can share with Spencer my thoughts, he would not criticize me, he would encourage me to find a solution."

Joy W

It helps me think out of the box, and realize that I can take the initiative in many things... It also helped me make a very practical 5 year plan. I know when I will do what and for how long, why I need so much time, what is the fastest way to accomplish them. These are exactly what I want to have.